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Our Gorilla Ad Campaign Targets Your Competitors!

Tired of Seeing your Competition all over the TV, Radio, Newspaper and Google… Have a website, but not receiving any customers after all your efforts?  Continuously worried about “The Slow Season”… Revamp Strategies and our Gorilla Ad Campaign can level the playing field.


Are your competitors or “big boys” dominating Google, TV and Radio ads?  Not getting the business that your competitors are?  Well, you are not the only one… Small to Medium Size business do not have the same budget to spend on Local Internet Marketing, TV, Radio, SEO, Google Ad and Social Media… Until Now.. So, If you are tired of “The Slow Season” even when your competitors are still busy, then we have got the solution. 

Gorilla Ad Campaign Solution:

Our Gorilla Ad Campaign Targets your competitors – Big Money and top searched Keywords to direct targeted traffic away from your competitors, directly to your website, landing page or squeeze page to capture targeted, ready to buy, customers.  Our Local Online Marketing Campaigns are customized to suite your budget and service.  Our low cost Local Online Marketing Campaigns are perfect for nearly any business and can be up and running in just hours.  Are you ready to take back control of your business?  Then Do not wait, We only accept 1 client per service industry per city and Trades, Business and Services; they are being locked up Daily… Call Now before your competitor has locked us in….


We have been in business for 2 years developing websites and doing SEO for small business.  In establishing our company, we discovered that a pretty website does not drive traffic, instead it closes deals…  The question became, how then can we drive targeted, ready to buy consumers to an optimized website?  That is when we developed The Gorilla Ad Campaign… and things have never been the same.


Why Choose Revamp Strategies?  Our 1st and main concern is driving qualified, ready to buy consumers to your door so that you can immediately reap the rewards of our services.  As your company grows and your budget for advertising increases, then we really begin to work our magic.  What we do is, capitalize on your competitors efforts and money spent on TV Commercials, Radio Commercials, Yellow Page ads, Newspaper ads, Ranking on Google (SEO), Social Media and Facebook & Google Paid Advertising, by stepping in front of those customers who were directed to your competitors website.  These are targeted, ready to purchase, consumers who need your service.  It just so happens that they didn’t know that you were available until right before they were about to make a purchase from your competitor. We are here to level the playing field and provide Local Online Marketing to small to medium size business.

 Social Proof

Our latest client Aletter4santa.com was looking to increase traffic to their site.  We tweaked our Gorilla Ad Campaign and we able to drive an additional 2000 targeted customers to her website PER DAY !!

After utilizing the services of Revamp Strategies, we noticed a significant peak in our website activity and conversion rates. As long as we run our campaigns with them, the bulk of our new web activity can be attributed to them. They are knowledgeable about the marketplace, and learned our needs and goals quickly but thoroughly. They are definitely a marketing partner worth having. ~ Kat Long, CEO, Brenash-Derian, Inc.


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