What is SEO rankings? How does it work?

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Let’s say you’re looking for a local store that sells flowers. Now day’s people don’t go to the Yellow Pages phone book anymore, they go to their computer, iPad and smart phone to look for what they want.

Going back to our example, when you’re looking for that local store that sells flowers online, you normally go to a search engine bar and type “flower shop near me” or something similar. And, in just a few seconds the search engine will display thousands of local flower shops.

Literally, you’ll get pages and pages as a result of your search. And most of us tend to view the first 3 to 5 pages, or only visiting websites that are on top (which sometimes include paid advertising).

So, how the websites listed on the few pages got there? They used a powerful web marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We’re not going to cover how the search engines work, at this point we just want to clarify and explain how SEO ranking works and its use as part of your Internet Marketing Strategy.

How to increase my SEO ranking?

Once you determine your keywords, you can use it in the keyword Meta tag located in the head section of the page’s html code.

Next, the relevant keywords should be placed in the Meta keyword tag, in order, from the largest to smallest phrase. Also, such keywords should be placed in the Title and Meta description of the page. This information is used by search engines to determine what your website is all about. So, be sure to use these keywords properly.

While adding the relevant keywords to your content, be sure to use it cohesively, the content should sound clean and have a natural flow. Your content should have also at least 300 words, which you can include sub-headers and internal/external relevant links.

By adding your relevant keywords to these heading tags and anchor text, you will give priority to the keywords in terms of their relevance.

If you’re adding images, video, and/or graphics to your page it is very important that you include the image alt attributes. The keywords used within alt text must be relevant to the image, which will reinforce the theme of the page.

Please note, do not over use the keywords. It should naturally be incorporated to your content. Like anything else, everything in excess can hurt, and in this case can become detrimental to search engine ranking.

Worst case, if you over use the keywords, search engines can penalize you for excessive use of keywords in Meta tags, headings, anchor text, and alt attributes (also called spam techniques).

You must find a balance! However, it doesn’t mean that SEO alone will bring you tons of traffic. There are additional online marketing strategies that must be in place, such as: social media marketing, branding, ad generation, directory management, and more.

SEO Rankings Summary

SEO is a technique that helps search engines to find and rank your site higher than every other website when someone is looking for your type of business online. Reason why having the SEO of your site done is so important.

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Revamp Strategies is specialized in creating and implementing internet marketing campaigns that generate more leads and establish an online presence for small and mid size business. 

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